1 hardworking, laborious, hard-working, industrious.
2 working.
worker, labourer, laborer, workman.
* * *
1 (que trabaja) working
2 (laborioso) hard-working, industrious
nombre masculino,nombre femenino
1 worker, labourer (US laborer)
* * *
1. (f. - trabajadora)
2. (f. - trabajadora)
laborer, worker
* * *
trabajador, -a
ADJ hard-working, industrious
SM / F worker, labourer, laborer (EEUU); (Pol) worker

trabajador(a) autónomo/a — self-employed person

trabajador(a) eventual — casual worker

trabajador(a) por cuenta ajena — employee, employed person

trabajador(a) por cuenta propia — self-employed person

trabajador(a) portuario/a — docker

trabajador(a) social — social worker

* * *
-dora adjetivo (que trabaja mucho) hard-working
-dora masculino, femenino worker

un trabajador no calificado (AmL) or (Esp) cualificado — an unskilled worker o laborer

* * *
-dora adjetivo (que trabaja mucho) hard-working
-dora masculino, femenino worker

un trabajador no calificado (AmL) or (Esp) cualificado — an unskilled worker o laborer

* * *
1 = worker, workman [workmen, -pl.], hand, commuter, working man, attendant, working person.

Ex: At our library in Minnesota we have clearly identified material that deals with mudpies, leprechauns, senior power, red power, the Chinese New Year, prisoners' rights, and workers' control.

Ex: Visitors would laugh at the workman's jerking and whirling with the mould, but that was where the skill lay.
Ex: The clicker paid each man according to what he had set, keeping for himself a share equal to that of the most productive hand.
Ex: This town enjoys a relatively placid existence as a well-appointed dormitory for thousands of commuters to a large metropolitan area of 250,000.
Ex: As energies became directed to less abstract matters working men began to see libraries as undemocratic and inhospitable institutions.
Ex: Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
Ex: What can one, middle class, working person do to help (in some small way) work towards a more peaceful world?.
* buen trabajador = hard worker.
* campamento de trabajadores = labour camp.
* campamento de trabajadores agrícolas = farm labour camp.
* descontento entre los trabajadores = industrial unrest.
* desde el punto de vista del trabajador = in the trenches.
* día de los trabajadores = Labour Day.
* día internacional de los trabajadores = Labour Day.
* malestar entre los trabajadores = industrial unrest.
* muchos jefes y pocos trabajadores = too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
* trabajador a destajo = piecework hand, piece-worker [pieceworker].
* trabajador a distancia = teleworker, telecommuter.
* trabajador a domicilio = homeworker.
* trabajador agrícola = agricultural labourer, farm labourer, farm worker.
* trabajador a tiempo parcial = part-timer.
* trabajador autónomo = freelancer [free-lancer].
* trabajador cualificado contratado de otra empresa = lateral hire.
* trabajador de campo = fieldworker [field worker].
* trabajador de fábrica = factory worker, factory hand.
* trabajador de la industria = industrial worker.
* trabajador del campo = farmworker [farm worker], agricultural labourer, farm labourer, farm worker.
* trabajador del cobre = coppersmith.
* trabajador desde casa = homeworker.
* trabajador de temporada = seasonal worker.
* trabajador de vivero = nurseryman [nurserymen, -pl.].
* trabajador doméstico = domestic worker.
* trabajador en el área de cultura = cultural worker.
* trabajador en el área de la alfabetización = literacy worker.
* trabajador en la agricultura = agricultural worker.
* trabajadores = labour [labor, -USA], work group, work-force [workforce], shop floor, labour force, working people.
* trabajadores del campo = farm labour force.
* trabajador eventual = jobber.
* trabajador externo = outworker.
* trabajador manual = manual worker.
* trabajador normal = line worker.
* trabajador por cuenta propia = freelancer [free-lancer].
* trabajador por horas = time hand [time-hand].
* trabajador por turnos = shift worker.
* trabajador sanitario = health-care worker, health worker, health care professional.
* trabajador sin titulación específica = non-professional [nonprofessional].
* trabajador social = social worker, case worker.
* vida como trabajador = working life.

2 = industrious, serious minded, hard-working.

Ex: The article 'Books made to order: libraries as publishers' reviews the practice of publishing as an activity for industrious smaller libraries.

Ex: From his description one gets the impression that the inhabitants of Utopia are serious minded and that they read for instruction or for improving their own mind.
Ex: Some people like to claim that illegals are just hard-working, decent, honest people.
* alumno trabajador = student staff.
* clase trabajadora = labouring class.
* gente muy trabajadora = hard-working people.
* gente trabajadora = toiling crowd.
* persona entusiasta y trabajadora = eager beaver.
* persona muy trabajadora = hard-working person.
* persona no muy lista pero trabajadora = plodder.
* sociedad trabajadora = working society.

* * *
trabajador1 -dora
(que trabaja mucho) hard-working clase1 (↑ clase (1))
trabajador2 -dora
masculine, feminine
un trabajador no calificado (AmL) or (Esp) cualificado an unskilled worker o laborer
trabajadores de la construcción construction workers
trabajador autónomo, trabajadora autónoma
masculine, feminine self-employed worker o person
trabajador en equipo, trabajadora en equipo
masculine, feminine team player
trabajador independiente, trabajadora independiente
masculine, feminine self-employed worker o person
trabajador por cuenta ajena, trabajadora por cuenta ajena
masculine, feminine employed person, employee (of a company)
trabajador por cuenta propia, trabajadora por cuenta propia
masculine, feminine self-employed worker o person
trabajador social, trabajadora social
masculine, feminine (Méx) social worker
* * *


-dora adjetivo (que trabaja mucho) hard-working

■ sustantivo masculino, femenino
un trabajador no calificado (AmL) or (Esp) cualificado an unskilled worker o laborer;
trabajador autónomo self-employed worker o person;
trabajador de medio tiempo (AmL) or (Esp) a tiempo parcial part-time worker;
trabajadora social (Méx) social worker
I adjetivo hard-working, industrious, laborious
II sustantivo masculino y femenino worker, labourer

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* * *
trabajador, -ora
es muy trabajador he's a hard worker, he works hard
trabajador autónomo self-employed person;
trabajador por cuenta ajena employee;
trabajador por cuenta propia self-employed person;
trabajador familiar family worker;
trabajador manual manual worker;
trabajador social social worker;
trabajador a tiempo parcial part-timer, part-time worker
Chile [ave] heron
* * *
I adj hard-working
II m, trabajadora f worker
* * *
trabajador, -dora adj
: hard-working
trabajador, -dora n
: worker
* * *
trabajador1 adj hard working
es un joven muy trabajador he's a very hard working young man
trabajador2 n worker
los trabajadores están en huelga the workers are on strike

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